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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


The Physical rehabilitation / Physiotherapy Department aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairment or disability through occupational treatment and physiotherapy .The foremost goal is to make the patient independent in ADL( activities of daily living) and rehabilitate the patient to their respective profession.
1. Orthopedic Rehabilitation: Caters to post fracture and post surgical patients, joint disorders, sports injuries,spinal disorders etc.with the help of electrotherapy and exercise therapy.
2. Neuro- rehab: Neuro development technique to treat stroke, Parkinson, Bells palsy etc.
3. Neuro-pediatric Rehab: Sensory integration for Autism, ADHD and Developmental therapy for delayed milestones.
4. Wellmom (Antenatal Sessions) program for pregnant ladies and new mothers. It includes guidance on exercises, nutrition, labour preparation, breast feeding and parenting.

Rehabilitation Team:

-Dr. Ashish Bawa

-Dr. Rashmi Bawa

-Dr. Vijay Lal

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